san francisco model



I require at least 24 hours notice for new clients for the screening process. I will not meet a stranger on short notice.

Meet me at my luxury apartment in Union Square, San Francisco. Or at my conveniently located Emeryville apartment. I can also visit you in your Hotel or home in San Francisco, or around the Bay Area.

I am available to meet between the hours of 11AM-10PM every day. You can tempt me into meeting at earlier or later times with advance notice, gifts, and a shoulder rub.

Occasionally, I can be available on short notice if we have already met, although I prefer a day's notice.

Longer dates can be arranged in San Francisco or around the Bay Area. I am the perfect companion for classy events, fine dining, Napa day trips, sports events, or anything you wish to experience.

I would love to visit you. With advance notice, and a 50% deposit for all travel taking an hour or more, I can arrive in your city just to see you. For interstate travel, I require our meeting to be 6 hours in length or longer (12 hours or more for international trips), my travel fare covered, and my own private room in a 4+ star hotel.

You know what really turns me on? Adventure. I am the perfect vacation companion, Passport ready and a Scuba certified mermaid! Traveling with distinguished individuals or fun-loving couples is always a pleasure, so please, show me your favorite getaway spots to explore together!

Please include projected airfare and accommodations with my consideration when asking that I travel to you. For flights 4 hours in duration or longer, business class or first class seating is preferred. A 50% deposit is required for me to fly to you, overnights, and full day appointments. This deposit will secure our date and must be received 72 hours before departure.

You may start your introduction over e-mail conversation and we can create our special rendezvous together, and the donation required for my time.